Get ready to glow. I was inspired by this pic of Tanja Gacic to talk about suntan, yes, summer is here and I’m super excited about it.

But there are some good habits to start in order to get an amazing and safe tanning. First of all start from the inside: drink lots of water and boost your vitamin consumption with loads of fruit and vegetables.

Then go for a scrub: Beach Body Scrub from Bobbi Brown is an emollient exfoliator blended with orange peel and pumice to gently, yet effectively, help to remove rough surface skin, while shea butter and nourishing essential oils infuse skin with moisture. 

During vacation days is important to protect the skin and also the lips: Sun Protection Lip Treatment by Shiseido defends against powerful UVA/UVB rays while ensuring optimal moisture balance. 


Then to ensure your tan a long-lasting glow apply an after sun moisturizer, the one from Hampton Sun is a nourishing blend of natural ingredients designed to prolong a beautiful and so-craved tan.