A life behind the camera. Today, after three years that The Street Muse was founded, I decided to reveal more of myself and say hi to everyone of you. 

Back in 2011 I couldn't imagine what great adventure was in front of me, I started the blog following my passion for fashion and photography totally unaware that my life was about to change. The Street Muse was, in fact, life changing to me: suddenly I left my work to follow big events and fashion weeks all over the world, from New York to Sydney and London.

Since now I let my work speak for me, dedicating myself to the beauty of the image, convinced that my own photography could reveal also some aspects of myself. Today I still believe that's true, but I had the feeling that was important to show you the face, eye and hands that are concealed behind the camera.

My ambition is to get closer to you, my followers, the real strength and daily font of satisfaction, that kept this blog alive. I really believe that no matter how high you set up your goals and aspirations, work hard, believe in yourself and you'll accomplish them.