Down to earth: this summer ’s must - have menswear color is “stone” - hues that are a little white, a bit grey, and quite close to sandy beige. 

Designers all across the board couldn’t resist including stone in their collections in different forms: on jackets, shirts, and even patterned trousers. 

You can either go all in with a two-piece suit, which is fashionable on its own as this man captured in the picture. 

According to GQ Magazine, stone looks great when worn with a suit, especially for weekend outfits, and it looks great when the sun comes out. 

The new neutral shade is perfect for lightening up wardrobes for warmer months and is also your ticket to an effortless, coordinated look that isn’t jarring to the eye. 

Since the hue is neutral, you can easily incorporate it into your already existing wardrobe, making it both stylish and functional.