Get a vertical stripe suit. Stripes have been used in clothing for hundreds of years. They create an elongating effect and can add a lot of class to an elegant ensemble.


Even in classic men's suit color combinations like gray and white or blue and white, stripes give a pinch of freshness to the formal menswear.


It's safe to say that your next suit's going to be striped. This sort of fabric isn't only going to be eye-catching, but it's also going to be flattering on every guy no matter their body shape.


If you want a perfectly fitting garment, you can order a made-to-measure or bespoke striped suit, according to your taste and preferences.


Among the most popular trends in men’s suits is ‘Made to Measure’. As the name suggests, this refers to the customization of a suit so that it fits the wearer’s body.


Bespoke suits are hand-crafted according to the customer’s sizing. There’s been a growing popularity surrounding “Made to Measure” suits because they offer a better fit, higher level of comfort, and they typically cost less than bespoke.


However, there’s been a growing trend towards the use of accessories with men’s suits: small and simple accessories can make a big impact on the appearance of a suit.


Street style trends are not only inspirational; they resemble the creative, innovative and personal expressions of style. The return of designer tailored clothing is one of the main messages of the fall season.


While slim fits still reign supreme, the most obvious trend to hit men's suiting has been the introduction of a more relaxed fit.


There’s also a huge variety of fabrics that are crease proof, water resistant and ultra light, making them perfect for travel and everyday wear.


Zegna's Cool Effect range or Hugo Boss's Travel line are all examples of how designers are incorporate cutting edge fabric tech into daily tailoring.


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