Aimee Song In Paris .... The Street Style of this week comes from Paris, where I met Aimee Song outside the Grand Palais in Paris, during the AW17 Fashion Week. She looked fab in her matching mini skirt and jacket combo, embellished by a gorgeous Chloe blue patchwork bag. 

The famous fashion blogger layers a Chanel leather blue suit with a red turtleneck, mixing primary colors for a colorful, energetic look, which keeps a bon ton, very Parisienne flair. A pair of 80s-inspired black pom pom earrings and a Chloe blue patchwork mini nile bag style her look, adding a touch of glamour. 

What about her hat? Well, the funny thing is that Aimee’s constellation embroidered hat from Ruslan Baginskiy seems to perfectly match the event organized by Karl Lagerferld at the end of the PFW show, when a life-size Chanel-branded rocket flew to the top of the Grand Palais emitting faux sparks and smoke! The perfect backdrop to the futuristic, space-themed fashion line launched by Chanel on the runway. 

I literally adored Aimee’s 80s-inspired outfit: the broad shoulders, the bold pops of color, her ball drop earrings create an eighties redux full of personality, which is perfectly in line with Spring ’17 trends. 

Aimee balances the sober cut of the Chanel leather blue suit by using feminine, frivolous accessories and this sparkling, extravagant hat. The red sweater accents the Chanel blue suit, charmingly evoking the French flag’s colors. Aimee plays with colors and accessories to add personality, boldness and grace to her look.

Steel Aimee’s secret: on weekends, pair your business jacket with a sleek miniskirt and play with colors and accessories to add a feminine touch to your look. It’s a good way to reuse your wardrobe and save money!  

What are your killer 80s-inspired outfits for this spring? Comment my article below!