An intriguing slit is a detail that embellishes skirts this summer season. 

Such patterns look particularly seductive and refined, with a touch of mystery. Remarkable is the fact that this kind of skirts looks stylish and appealing regardless of length, so it can even be worn by ladies with different body shapes. 

The right choice will make you look more feminine than the usual pencil skirt. Midi or maxi slit skirts are also very actual in the warm season of the year. 

Skirt with slits, including deep, can be worn even at the office, on condition that it be accompanied by sober clothes in classic business style. 

Eleonora Carisi flashes out in this picture by wearing a red leather jacket and a colour-clashing pink shirt and slipt skirt. She’s one of the most stylish women and looked sensational once again when she stepped out in Milan. 

Red and pink have always been two colours that are supposedly never ever to be worn together. When rules were still a thing in fashion! Today, in 2017, that rules are made to be ignored. The designers of the world have spoken loud and clear... "red and pink is the new black". 

Here are some look ideas: all you have to do is pick your favourite!