They are stealing all the spotlight. Seen on the catwalk at some of the biggest shows, a classic street wear look has been reinvented: extra-large sleeves. Dramatic proportions and unique details make sleeves choice focal points.


They may not be practical, but extra-long sleeves are totally in fashion at the moment. Appearing oversized and stretched out, these extra-long sleeves have made a cool “rough around the edges” statement for many fashion week outfits of late.


These sleeves have taken their place on button-up shirts, delicate tops, casual knitwear and even glamorous dresses as they continue to dominate the world of street style. 


We’re wondering if the extra-long sleeves trend will take the place of gloves for autumn 2017. But what we do know for sure is that you’ll have endless choice of style. 


Like other statement pieces, extra-long sleeves tend to look best when paired with basic items, so wear yours with a simple pair of blue jeans or black pants. 


Also, remember that such long sleeves can pull the eye down and leave you looking short, so always wear heels.


Jump on board the stunning extra long sleeves trend by wearing a shirt this Fall, like Sofie Valkiers. Dressed up with blue plaid pants and brown leather bustier to steal this gorgeous style. 


With an authentic leather bag and she is ready to go! This look is perfect for every day wear, and can be dressed up or down with heels or flats!