“Life is a party. Dress like it.” Designers clearly took Audrey Hepburn’s words to heart for Fall 17. 


From the catwalks to the streets, patent leather is reppin' for yet another season as one of fall 2017's biggest trends! Even though this shiny fashion favorite has been around season after season, this falls' looks, with their slick modern designing and bright bold colors, feel fresh and new! 


You may be ready to hop on board the patent leather express. But before you punch your ticket, you will need a bit of a roadmap to guide you through the surprisingly wide variety of options out there. 


While patent leather usually walks on the wilder side of fashion, this season it found a lovely home in bottoms. The edgy material looked fresh and stylish in pants and miniskirts on the streets of New York, Milan and Paris. Paired with loose-fit tops, oversized hoodies and relaxed outerwear, patent leather bottoms appeared modern and completely trend-worthy. The key to making this trend work on your own streets is the silhouette. Choose pieces that fit but aren’t skin-tight. It’s easy to style, and yet it’s just out -there enough that it makes your styling choices seem bold.


One of the best parts of patent leather is that it can be worn on rainy days without getting ruined, and this cool look would be perfect for running to class in less-than-sunny weather.


Of course, the bloggers and street-style crews are already on top of the trend, so if you need a little inspiration before trying the look. Get inspired by Zanita Whittington. She screams authenticity with a casual fashion style. Very relatable. She pairs the patent black skirt over a shining blue glittering dress with a white loose-fitting top under and accessorize with minimal jewelry and pick up a gold style bag for a unique touch. 


Check out the best items below and get ready to get your shine on.