When the temperatures turn up, we just want to throw on something that's comfortable and cute. Jeans, cutoffs — when it comes to denim, you stick to your tried-and-trues. Well, get ready for a major shake-up for this season. This Fall, designers are taking your true blues to the next level by focusing on the denim dress. 


Enter the denim dress! Keep these styles in rotation, and we guarantee you'll be reaching for them again and again.


This season the denim dress comes in amazing new styles. From classic to more bohemian styles, this is a wardrobe staple. And with good reason — these designs are effortlessly cool and will easily fit right into your already stocked closet.


A denim dress is one of the smartest purchases you could make. Not only does it literally match anything, but it also works year-round. Denim looks just as great during the Summer as it does during the Winter. Come the cold months you can wear these dresses with a great pair of boots and a statement jacket. Additionally, the fabric is durable and easy to clean, so it will last you many seasons. 


Not necessarily associated with flirtatious, feminine silhouettes, denim takes on the dress in an array of shapes for Fall.


Try experimenting: denim is embellished with patchwork, ruffles and fringes to vamp up dresses. These styles will look great on everyone and can be teamed with iconic basic staples like a men’s shirt, or a suede biker jacket or a slick leather shoes.


While Caroline Daur steals the show in New York, by wearing a denim dress teamed with a white leather corset belt that looks just right for an afternoon look, also for the office and totally chic.


There's nothing designers like more than a good throwback—and for fall we're going all the way back to our denim roots, embracing the untreated, unwashed, and virtually untouched version of the material in its raw form.


Like Raf Simons showed on the runway, plenty of brands are making denim sportswear for the season including also shirts, skirts and jumpsuits.


It's safe to say we're certifiably obsessed with our jeans—kick flares, wide-leg, skinnies, high-waisted—but there's something equally appealing about a denim dress that's quickly making it just as much of a staple as our tried-and-true blue jeans. It's sensible, long-wearing, and eternally chic. And just like your jeans, there are endless styles to fit your frame and occasion. 


Sold on a denim dress yet? Scroll through our picks for the denim dresses missing in your life. Happy shopping!