The future is female! The female power suit trend is quickly emerging this season. Designers are strongly vocalizing their support for female power through design. Taking a cue from Melanie Griffith’s character in “Working Girl” the power suit is feminine and fun. The pantsuits of our times have one thing in common, great fabrics, fantastic quality, luxe styles. 

Now female power suits are becoming more popular than ever. Many influencers flaunt monochrome combinations of pants and blazers. Others go with fun prints such as stripes, and florals. Another great thing about the female suits is that you can wear them with any type of shoe you can imagine. They look great with both pointed pumps and strappy elegant sandals. If you are aiming for a more casual look you can match them with a pair of chic white sneakers. 

The phrase ‘all is in’, has never been truer. You can wear them with sneakers, or heels, it will look amazing either way, it’s just a matter of personal style. You can wear a t-shirt under the blazer, a button down, a sweater, a blouse, or a bustier top. It all depends on where you’re going. 

The options are endless with this ensemble, and we can't wait to seeing more of them on the streets. 

Doina Ciobanu is one of the biggest trendsetters who adores suits. Just recently she flaunted in London a sumptuous black velvet long-line blazer and trousers with a white shirt and J W Anderson bag. This is definitely a daring look worth trying. Black suit and white shirt is a timeless look. 

Nevertheless, if you want to keep it polished, smart, sophisticated, and office appropriate with a dash of cocktail style – go for a fabulous tailored pantsuit in either black, white, or nude, or opt for a pastel suit. Pastels are still in and red or dusted blue look amazing on pantsuits. 

They’re amazing for all seasons, especially the cold. Besides, suits with a coat over look so good and powerful it’s the best style ever. 

There is something especially attractive about having suit pieces as part of your wardrobe, immediately adding maturity and a sense of professional style to the outfits flaunted about on the streets, at work or merely on a day strolling about town. 

Find out how to style the female suit