It Knits for everyone and for all tastes. Winter season is here, which means, despite shorter days, darker nights, and waking up in the morning becoming increasingly difficult, it’s time to wrap up and stay cozy.


Knitwear is the queen of this winter’s wardrobe. From cashmere to shetland wool. From the finest knits that gently rest on the body to those hand-made. It envelops, like a hug, in maxi pullovers with important necks. The right big cuddle in the inevitable seasonal cold, so it's time to refresh the wardrobe.


From roll necks, prints, deconstructed cuts and even cardigans, knitwear has plenty of fashion mileage for winter 2018. We'll be pairing our chunky knits with slouchy trousers, midi skirts. Jan Quammie opted for a black relaxed fit sweater with an eye-catching mini skirt and khaki green bomber jacket.


This winter, we're focusing on five major sweater trends: brights, stripes, cardigans, slogans, and oversized silhouettes. While the perennial navy fisherman's knit and camel cashmere number are mainstays in our wardrobe, this time around, keeping warm looks slightly more fun. Sure, the hoodie may still rule streetwear, but the humble cable knit has gotten a makeover this season, and we're buying one in every style. 


Playing with proportions, hues and wool thickness, that’s the starting point. Some cutting edge labels love asymmetry and fringe details, others focus on tradition, opting for refined hand-knitted pieces. Others propose all-knit looks to dress in soft wool from head to toe.


Texture and bright colours will dominate the 2018 because of the need for detail, newness and excitement. After all, we’re now looking for things that will engage the visual senses and stand out. Also, we’re craving for the “feeling of touch”.


One reason is that our lifestyles are getting more active and intense. We’re now looking for something new and exciting, which is why our lifestyles can also reflect our colour preferences.


On the other hand, bright and intense colours provide more life. They also easily stand out no matter the season and weather. In addition, bright colours somehow tell us that something is new.


Stay on trend this winter, as I am here to show you some of the best looks to try that will keep you warm.