It's going to be a stylish 2014... With this post I would like to wish to everyone a New Year full of love and joy. The Street Muse is growing, so stay tuned for more fashion, style, beauty and of course muses to come! 

As today is a special day, it's good to celebrate with the right outfit. This black and white, see- through look radiates charm and aura.

The shirt is the quintessence of delicacy with its puff sleeves and the ribbon tied at the neck. Then the long, tight skirt gives a sophisticated tone slenderizing the figure. And now let's talk about accessories: steal one from your boyfriend's closet, like a top hat, a reference to the past and a real stand out.

Then add a little sparkle, choose few but appropriate pieces of jewelry, like precious earrings and bangles to properly refinish your look.

You're going to carry the party away! Recreate this look on any budget: