Rethinking wardrobe basics. There are some ideal companions in every woman's wardrobe that are a must all year round. I'm talking about tights and bodysuits. I've recently tried Wolford's styles, experiencing the perfect fit of their products, a combination of advanced technology and premium materials.

Imagine a pair of tights that offers the ultimate comfort experience: you can choose among a wide selection of legwear styles that are invisible even underneath the most formfitting


Also what I love about Wolford tights is their matte look and the incredibly smooth feel on the skin.

As for the bodysuits they are a perfect balance of design and functionality. Made from a special and extremely soft viscose material, the bodysuit flatters beautifully whoever wears it.

Whether worn under a jumper, blazer, cardigan or on their own, the ‘Pure’ models add a modern style to every outfit and can also be washed with ease.