Swarovski meets Wolf & Badger. For as long as I can remember Swarovski has always been a go-to brand, my first earrings were Swarovski and today I’m still a big fan of its creations.


But other than that I appreciate how this high-end firm supports emerging designers, through collaborations and partnerships that put them under the spotlight.


I was lucky enough to witness their latest collaboration with retail revolutionary Wolf & Badger, together they selected and introduced on the Wolf & Badger platform the most exciting designers currently working with crystals.


My role was to capture three top bloggers styling this precious jewelry with the latest fashion trends available at Wolf & Badger. Here you can see the result:


Tamara Kalinic, founder of Glam & Glitter, showed a romantic yet powerful style combining Nadia Minkoff and O.YANG creations in her looks.


Maja Malnar, jet-setter, went for a boho chic vibe accessorizing her looks with a wide selection of jewels that featured, among others, Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier and Edge of Ember.


And last but not least the stunning Diipa Khosla built sophisticated outfits enhanced by unique creations by On Aura Tout Vu, Kasun and much more.


Click here to discover on Swarovski Magazine the complete story and list of designers.