A special project for Hogan. Experimenting is the thrilling part of my life, I love have new projects to work on and the latest one was all about accessories.

Hogan, the Italian brand famous for its urban-chic philosophy, asked me to give a new spin to one of their iconic bags: the Panam. A classy accessory, but revisited with a modern take, this bowler bag is versatile and responds to the needs of a contemporary lifestyle. The essential and innovative design combines functionality and elegance, making the Panam perfect for every look.

My inspiration was to take these urban accessories out from the chaotic city and transfer them into a completely different context: my beloved Umbria countryside. A river's shore, the mailbox, the back of a vintage car the Panam is the protagonist of these wonderful sceneries.

Wonderful hues that pop out from the pictures: blue, magenta, yellow and grey, so go ahead and choose your favorite one here! Also, take a look to Hogan's complete collection here.