Investigating a true muse's style. I love Candela for her elegant and unique style, but also for her personality: she's a kind soul, always smiley and radiant. She has two of the most gorgeous daughters in the world and she manages to conciliate her modeling work with personal life.

We've known each other for a very long time and we met in Paris after Haute Couture shows to shot this editorial for ELLE China.

Candela defines her style as "a work in progress and a mirror of my feelings". That's something that also works for me, I experiment with textures, colors and to find the perfect outfit that matches my mood.

For this shooting Candela was true to herself, she was just fascinating walking around the city in colorful ensembles: tourists stopped to take pictures at her.

Another wise thing Candela says in the interview, is "try to be as faithful as you can with who you are and dress consequentially. We look way much better when dressing clothes that we feel comfortable with" these are words of wisdom!