Discover Rouge Dior. This is a story about the iconic and legendary crimson red created by Christian Dior, that enhances every look with its vibrant deep shade.


As Christian Dior himself used to say “A touch of colour may be enough to change your appearance” and in fact this is undeniable.


These shots taken on a summer day, show how the right lipstick and nail lacquer can transform a look. Three protagonists all played in the same "999" shade, that echoes the numbers of the first lipsticks "9" and "99" created by Christian Dior


Rouge Dior is the mark of ultimate chic. It dresses the lips in timelessly elegant colour with a sensual lipcare texture that leaves a radiant satiny finish, perfect for a sophisticated look.


Rouge Dior Brillant represents the latest evolution of the first gloss launched by the Parisian Maison in 1981: it is today a liquid balm that becomes one with the lips, a real feat of radiance and finesse for summer nights.


And last but not least, there’s the new-generation Dior Vernis and its ingenious formula that plays up the gel effect. Shiny as glass this long wear nail lacquer is the ultimate completion to your beauty routine.