A Surreal Landscape View. Turkey is shrouded in history, mystique and legend, and Cappadocia is the jewel in its crown. The landscape is filled with the most unusual landforms, as the whole place was a fairytale. 

It was left in a state of beauty from a volcano erupting millions of years ago. People from all generations have carved out houses, monasteries, chapels and churches to live in over the years.


The region is beautiful whatever way you look at it, but nothing quite compares to a breath-taking balloon’s-eye-view first thing in the morning. The spectacular conical rock formations and graceful valleys look resplendent in the sunrise, making hot-air balloons a popular and unforgettable way to view the landscape. This sight is magical enough to make anyone forget the real world.


It’s hard not to appreciate the magnificence of nature and get some perspective on your place in the universe when you’re hiking in the beautiful valleys of Cappadocia.


There’s no better way to have a complete unique experience in Cappadocia than staying in a cave hotel/suite.  It gives you a feeling of how people were living in this region in cave dwellings for centuries.


I stayed in Elika Cave Suites during my 4 days stay in Cappadocia, set into the steep slopes of Ortahisar. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. It effortlessly blends the contemporary and traditional within its stone walls. 


The room was built over the ancient cave dwellings, all the original cave walls have been preserved and the interior design matches the structure. The view from its roof deck is beautiful where you can catch the sunrise, a popular spot for photography. 


All rooms have ensuite bathrooms with underfloor heating, marble showers, attractive round basins decorated with Ottoman-style designs, thick white Turkish bath towels, and traditional slippers. 


A buffet breakfast is served in the colourful dining room or on the sun-drenched terraces. We really enjoyed our typical Turkish feast - white cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, freshly baked bread, turkish tea - and there are also fruit, etc. 


The best part of going to breakfast every morning was getting to sit in front of the breathtaking view. N°10 Restaurant sits at the highest point in the hotel, and large windows from every angle give you an incredible panoramic view to enjoy while you eat its delicious dishes. 


Lose yourself in Ortahisar’s warren of narrow streets, picturesque stone houses, visit its castle and climb to the top of its fortress for panoramic views. 


Ortahisar itself was very peaceful and the perfect jumping off point for exploring the Cappadocian towns of Goreme, Urgup, Uchisar and Nevsehir.


A traditional Turkish night marks the perfect end to a day of sightseeing in Cappadocia. The show highlights the dance traditions of Turkey, complete with traditional costumes and of course scintillating belly dancers.


I highly recommend a visit to Cappadocia, even if it’s a short trip because this is one of those places on earth that really is unlike anywhere else. Cappadocia is not just a summer destination but it can be enjoyed through out the year.


There are direct flights from Istanbul to Kayseri in Cappadocia that take about 1.5 hours or you can also travel by the overnight bus from Istanbul, which takes about 11 hours. 

Come and live your very own Cappadocian dream.